Proper Texas Equipment Needed to Successfully Capture an Armadillo

Armadillos are considered nuisance Round Rock creature due to their destructive digging habit. They can damage our underground electrical wirings and plumbing system. They have a tendency to establish their den close to the human structure that can lead to the cracking of the concrete. In order to thwart the activities of this creature, trapping would be an excellent solution. Nonetheless, there are different devices that you need to prepare to ensure that trapping them will be efficient and safe.

List of Equipments You Should Prepare when Trapping an Armadillo

Capturing the Texas armadillo is not simply setting up your trapping device. The process may be a bit complex for those who lack the experience. You will need to consider a lot of things such as the placement and the bait that you will use. Having an access to the equipments listed below can assure you that this will proceed without a hitch.

Trapping Device

Trapping device comes in various shapes, sizes, and styles. They also have a varying trigger mechanism. When looking for a trap, it should be large enough to give the armadillo enough room to move. If your ultimate goal is just to capture the armadillo, then the live traps would be the right choice. Pay attention to the trigger plate, it should be placed in a manner that will encourage the creature to interact with it. When placing the trap, it should at least be 5 ft. away from their burrows or within their path. Look for a particular type of trap that can be used in an outdoor setting.

Trap Station

Trap stations should be used when the Texas trapping device that you choose entails some risks. For instance, if you choose to set-up a snap trap in your garden, there is a possibility that your pets or your kid will accidentally step on it. To ensure their safety, a trap station that covers the trap should be prepared. This can be made from plastics or metal. Depending on your preference and requirement, they are also available in different sizes.


Fences would also be an excellent addition if you want to make the Texas trapping method as simple as possible. Place the trapping device on the edge of the wall. Install the fence in a way that will lead the armadillo straight to the trap. Be mindful or the armadillo's digging habit. If possible, it should be buried at least 1 foot underground. It should also be high enough to prevent the armadillo from climbing over.

Finally, you will also need to look for the right bait. There are Round Rock baits that are commercially sold that are specifically intended for the armadillo. These baits will definitely encourage the creature to enter your trap. In the event that you are unsuccessful in trapping the armadillo, it would be best to hire the service of the experts. Apart from the trapping method, they can also execute an array of exclusion method that aims to completely end your infestation problem.

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