What is Best to Feed a Round Rock Baby Skunk?

The Round Rock baby skunk that has been abandoned by the mother skunk will be experiencing chills and dehydration. If this is not addressed immediately, this may be lethal. Your first action when you encountered an orphaned baby skunk is to call the help of the wildlife rehabilitator. After that, there are some things that you need to do while you are waiting for them to arrive.

Should You Feed an Orphaned Baby Skunk?

While waiting for the Texas wildlife rehabilitators, it is not their hunger that you should be worry about but their chills. You should contain them in a covered cardboard box and place them in the dark areas of your house. If you have a relatively small house and you don't have any dim and obscure area, your bathroom or closet would be a great alternative. Keep your kids and pets away from the skunk. Remember that the baby skunk is frightened. Any additional noises will keep them stressed.

Giving Them Heat Source

After you made sure that you are indeed dealing with an orphaned Texas baby skunk, you will have to maintain their ideal body temperature. Keep them warm to reduce the stress that they are experiencing. Some of the best source of heat would be a plastic bottle filled with warm water. Be sure to wrap it with towel first before placing it inside the box. You can also use a heating pad. Make certain that the skunk will not be directly in contact with the heat source.

Never Give Them Food

When we encounter an orphaned Round Rock baby wildlife creature, our instinct will tell us to give them with food to satiate their hunger. However, this will do them more harm. There are some reasons on why you shouldn't give them with any food. For instance, in case the baby skunk is dehydrated, or if they are in a trauma or shock, they might not be able to digest the food that you are giving to them. This will lead to bloating and perhaps even death. 

Forcing them to ingest water or food may cause death or pneumonia especially if the water enters the Texas skunk lungs. The skunk also has a unique dietary structure. Feeding them with a wrong food may cause an issue in their digestive system. After the wildlife rehabilitators arrive, they will assess the health and condition of the skunk. They will also conduct several medical tests. The animal should not be fed with anything before any medical examination. You should also not give the skunk with water. Feeding them with water that is below their average temperature may lead to death. 

These procedures should only be done by the Round Rock professionals who have experience and knowledge such as the wildlife rehabilitator. They will definitely advice you on the things that you should do to keep the baby in its proper condition. They may also recommend the best liquid that you should give in case the baby skunk is too dehydrated. Follow their instructions to keep the baby skunk alive.

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