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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Round Rock! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Round Rock, TX. In today’s world that is filled with uncertainties and health threats coming from wild animals, we are here to work tirelessly to keep you safe and informed. We are passionate about our work. Our manner of delivering our services and strategies is the product of years of experience in the business, training, advancement in the industry, and dedication to continue with our education. We are always finding ways on how we can connect seamlessly with our customers and provide better service. Our company started as a humble family-operated business. We know back then that it will be difficult for us to find loyal customers who will be bold enough to try our service. Competing with the more established pest extermination companies back then was a struggle. With the love and support of the locals and our commitment to deliver only the top-quality service, we have become the #1 wildlife removal company for three years now and counting. We have built a company that includes people who share our same beliefs and values. According to our latest data, we will continue to grow. We hope that we will be able to provide the service in the nearby states in the future. Call us now at 512-642-5568 for your Round Rock wildlife control needs.

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Round Rock Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Why Plastic Owls Will NOT Scare Away Texas Pigeons

The Round Rock owl decoy is a deterring device that can be used to get rid of the pigeons that are infesting your yard. The concept of using the plastic owl is to utilize the instinctive fear of the pigeon that will discourage them from roosting or building their nest. They are available in different configurations and some of them will have moving parts that will maneuver when the wind blows. However, based on the report of New York Times, the pigeons are getting wiser and plastic owls are no longer effective against them.

Reasons Why Plastic Owl Is Not an Effective Pigeon Repellent

To us, the presence of the Texas owl with the impressive size and the piercing look is a majestic sight to behold. However, to other birds such as pigeon, it can overwhelm them. The owl has the capacity to remove the flapping sound of their wings. They are daring creatures and will attack their prey directly even on a dead drop. This is why the physical sign of the owl can scare these pigeons away.

Round Rock Birds Are Smart

Pigeons are getting more intelligent that enables them to discern a real Texas hawk from a decoy hawk. This is especially true if there is a food source nearby. According to the study conducted to gauge the efficacy of the plastic owls, it will only take 4-5 days before the pigeons will figure out that you are using a fake owl. They will be able to forage seeds in a distance that is around 13-16ft away from the owl decoy. Even on the off chance that you are using a decoy with moving parts, this will not be effective. It will not be sufficient to convince the pigeon that there is a real owl in your yard. 

Tips to Enhance the Efficacy of the Plastic Owl

Those who are planning to use plastic owls to deter the Texas pigeon can practice some tricks that will make their repellents highly effective. Start by placing the plastic owl into a more authentic setting such as the trees. Remember that most owls will prefer not to expose themselves out in the open. Seeing an owl roosted on your rooftop or ledge would be an easy way to tell that you are using a decoy. You can also alter the placement of the owl regularly. 

You should also not completely rely on your Round Rock plastic owl. Combining them with other deterrents will greatly increase the chance of clearing away the pigeons in your property. An inexpensive device that produces sound in different interval can also add to the confusion of the bird. However, if you are looking for a long-term result, the plastic owl will never give you that. Call the local pigeon removal expert that will provide you a list of effective methods depending on your situation. They can also help you prevent the recurring of the pigeon invasion. They can assist you in looking for a solution according to your personal preference.